Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Story Behind “My Teen, The Alien”

Do you ever feel like someone came into your home overnight, snatched the joyful child you gave birth to and raised effortlessly (for the most part) for about 14 years, and then left this unrecognizable creature in her place? She’s moody, sassy and standoffish one minute, then free-spirited, loving and affectionate the next? I started this blog to wrap sympathetic arms around all you mothers of teenagers who are wondering how the heck you’re going to survive today, let alone the next four to five schizophrenic years.

In other words, I feel your pain . . . and I hear your heart breaking, too, because they’ll be gone all too soon, won't they?

What boggles my mind is why parenting magazines and related websites don't offer much information about the parenting of teens. Their content is focused, instead, on mothers with children nine years and younger. But guess what? Our job, as moms, isn’t over when our kids turn 10! In fact, the older they get, the more challenging they become. The Terrible Two’s were a breeze compared to the Traumatic, Turbulent – and heartbreakingly Tender -- Teens! Whether they are willing to admit it or not (and they probably won’t), our teenagers need us now more than ever, and we must kick our parenting skills into overdrive!

So let’s build this community together, and let’s build it fast. Our teens are taking on different alien forms every day. (And the cocoons around our tweens are already starting to crack!) There's not a moment to lose!

Oh, one last thing . . . you’re probably wondering how I came up with our blog name, aren't you? Well, I debated back and forth about what to name it. “Moms Surviving Teens” was the top choice. Until, that is, one fateful morning drive to school when I had the following conversation with my teen about this new blog:

“You should be excited, Honey, that your experiences as a teen are going to help so many mothers and teenagers understand each other better!”

To which my daughter gave this tart reply: “We don’t want you guys to be a part of our world! We want to be in our own world, without you in it!”

OUCH!! That hurt!

And “My Teen, The Alien” was born.

(We welcome your comments. Who will be the first responder, we wonder? Just click on "Comments" below. You'll have to do a little song and dance to register, but it's worth it to start the dialogue between us!)


Unknown said...

Cool! As the mom of a 10 year old who is already hormonal, I know that it's coming (soon).

I like your title and the reasoning behind it better than surviving, because I like the idea of what Lynn said in her bio that there ARE good times. We shouldn't just strive to "survive."

Lynn said...

Congrats, Jennifer, on being our first responder! Wish we had something to give you. Sorry, but our gratitude will have to do. Yes, your daughter will be acting like a teen before you know it -- probably before she even turns 13. My oldest started the "change" in
7th grade. Good point about realizing that there are plenty of good times ahead with your teenager, because there really are. It's just hard to see our babies grow up. But grow up they must! Let's meet up again, real soon! Would love to hear about your experience with your middle-schooler. I have one, too!

Sherra said...

"Welcome to my world" is what I love to tell friends when their aliens arrive. It's a scary time when they create their own little planet and language. I know this because I have three of them myself - 19, 17 and 17 plus a 9 year-old to keep me really young. Or not.

Congrats on entering this very under-served blog topic! I'm looking forward to reading and chiming in from time to time. I'm pretty sure we have a lot in common!

Lynn said...


I'm so glad you "landed" on our rescue shuttle. Don't worry, we'll get through these years together. Although, you're almost there with most your kids. I'll bet you have lots of wisdom to share. Perhaps you could be a guest blogger on our site one of these days. Whaddya think?

Sherra said...


I don't about the wisdom but I'd love to be a guest and share. Let's keep in touch and talk sometime soon. :)

Wil's Wheels said...

I lived through one son's teen years and currently in house...13 yo son, 11 yo son and almost 11 yo son.

Surrounded by male, aliens...the life form completely opposite from me.

Love this blog!

Slurping Life

Lynn said...

They say that God doesn't give you what you can't handle. That's why I have two girls. I don't think I could live in the same house with all that boy energy! You must be an extraordinary person for God to know that you could handle all those male aliens. (Is the phrase "male aliens" redundant??)Thanks for reading! And stay tuned . ..