Wednesday, December 31, 2008

French Kiss On New Year's

My teenager and her sister, the tween, are in France right now. Skiing and celebrating their father's 50th birthday. I'm not there because his new wife probably wouldn't appreciate it. I'll admit, with the world as unstable as it is right now, I'm a little antsy about them being a continent away. But I'm coping. They called me once for one minute because their father didn't want to "waste" his minutes; and they e-mailed a few times, so I know they're safe.

Yes, I miss them and wish I could be experiencing their first trip to Europe with them. But ce la vie! (Did I spell that right??) I'm just happy that they have discovered a world bigger than their own. And I pray that this trip to France will motivate my teen to get better grades in French. She probably understands now why learning a foreign language can be so advantageous. (I just hope she hasn't perfected the word "vino." The drinking age in France is quite liberal, I hear.)

The girls tell me the snow is amazing. My teen said the runs are REALLY long and it took an hour and a half to make it down just one of them. Those French Alps must be REALLY tall mountains!

If you live in France, please be especially kind to any teenaged girls from America who you might run into. Hopefully, if you're on the slopes with them, it won't be the other way around.

Happy New Year! And French kisses to everyone!

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