Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nagging Pays Off

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If your teen tells you to stop nagging, stop harping, back off and get out of her face . . . DON'T! Especially when it comes to homework. Because when finals time rolls around, all that clucking will finally pay off.

Last week, my teen made me proud. She took six finals in three days, and she is confident that she aced them all. While I would like to take some credit for her success, being the Homework Police and all, she really deserves all the praise. She approached her finals with a carefully laid-out plan, putting extra time into classes where she was teetering between grades. I was impressed!

I did my part by quizzing her on her memorization and delivering cups of hot chamomile tea to her.

And, of course, I turned off her phone.

We'll find out for sure next week how well she fared. But even if she doesn't get A's, I saw the A+ effort, and isn't that really what we're trying to teach our children, anyway?

"Give life your best shot. That's all you can do."

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Lisa said...

Thank you, thank you, for acknowledging that nagging IS in a mother's job description. High on the list, as a matter of fact!

Lynn said...


When we nag, it isn't always our proudest moment. But it sure gets the job done, doesn't it?