Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jamie Foxx: Father Or Comic, First?

FoxxKing Entertainment's Post Grammy Event Hosted By Jamie Foxx - Arrivals

By now, you've heard all the hubbub over Jamie Foxx's rude, crude rant about 16-year-old Miley Cyrus on his new radio show, "The Foxxhole." If not, listen to the audio right here, raw and uncut:

Lisening to that, you forget that Jamie has a teenaged daughter of his own. Plenty of folks are rallying in defense of Miley, particularly her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. But the one who has been forgotten in this media circus is Foxx's 14-year-old daughter, Corinne. I wonder what she thinks of her father calling teenaged Miley a "little white bitch" and encouraging her to make a sex tape and put some "crack in her pipe" to elevate her career, like Lindsay Lohan. What kind of message is this young girl getting from her own dad? The fact that he's a Hollywood A-lister does not give him a free pass to be a reckless father.

Jamie later apologized to Miley on Jay Leno's show, saying he was a comedian and never means anything he says. I watched the video. He seemed sincere. But he also seemed pretty sincere during the rant on his radio program. I think he's a better actor than he is a comedian.

Maybe his apology has more to do with concern over ticket sales to his new film, "The Soloist," which hit theaters this weekend. Guess what the No. 1-selling movie is currently? You guessed it -- "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

What I'm really troubled by, though, is the double standard here that is worth mentioning. Do you recall when Don Imus was fired from his long-running radio program for calling the Rutgers Girls' Basketball Team "nappy-headed hoes?" Like Jamie, this comedian apologized publicly, too, for his racial slur, yet he still got fired.

I don't think Jamie will be getting a pink slip anytime soon. He's a black man, and firing him for making despicable remarks about a white teenaged girl would be, well, racist.

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