Friday, May 1, 2009

Dirty Harry

Prince Harry Visits Barbados - Day 3

I heard a story today that made me sick. No, not Swine-flu-sick. But "eeeww . . . that's disgusting" sick! British Heir-To-The-Throne Prince Harry confessed to his Army buddies (and it was overheard in a pub) that he hasn't washed his moppy red hair in TWO YEARS!!

Are you kidding? Why on earth not??

England's 24-year-old prince claims that hair is self-cleaning, and doesn't need to be fussed over. That's really bad news for the shampoo industry.

I don't know about you, but I wash my hair every other day. If I put it off any longer, my hair looks greasy and limp. My daughters wash theirs every night. You might think that's a bit excessive, but they're kids, and kids get sweaty and dirty at school, and then sweaty some more playing after-school sports.
I would think that Harry would have a fairly unpleasant odor coming off his scalp. And what do his girlfriends think? I guess when you're dating a future king, there are some bad habits you're willing to overlook.
Although it might explain his recent breakup.
If Princess Diana were still around, I'll bet she would grab her unkempt son by the ear and drag him to the nearest wash basin for a vigorous shampoo. She knows better than anyone how important it is to keep up appearances.

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Sunk Costs said...

I would imagine he still showers and probably scrubs at his scalp to get rid of dirt and oil and build-up. Straight, fine hair and thick, textured hair have different needs, and there's nothing wrong with not using shampoo. I'm somewhat offended that you're convinced he must be filthy just because he doesn't treat his hair the same way you treat yours.