Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where Have I Been??

Please push aside the moss that has grown over my blog and let’s try to pick up where we left off. (I’ve been in the throes of moving out of OC. Priorities, sorry!)

A lot has happened since I last posted: Our country became another year older, we lost an angel and buried Michael Jackson (still unbelievable to me!), Walter Cronkite is no longer with us (there have been quite a few celebrity deaths, come to think of it), John and Kate are divorcing (who cares, right?), Obama lied again (not sure about what, but it’s probably an accurate statement anyway), a Texas man returned from rehabilitation from an auto accident to discover that a bird had pooped the image of the Virgin Mary on the sideview mirror of his car (click here), one zillion more people started Twittering (just a rough guess) and my teenager grew a half-inch taller.

Life continues to amaze me and stress me out at the same time.

This is not a normal summer for me and my daughters. We’re moving soon and have been dividing our time between packing, purging our junk, attending various good-bye parties, scouting out new homes up north and squeezing in the last-ever appointments with OC doctors. There has been some swimming and a few beach trips in between, but for the most part, our summer has centered around THE BIG MOVE.

I’ll have to say I am very proud of my teenager. She is such a trooper regarding this move. She’ll be a junior in the fall, and instead of worrying about starting a new school midway into her high school years, she is very excited about it. She says she needs a change, too, and looks forward to new alliances with new people.

Brave girl with a good attitude. Her mom must have raised her right.

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Ms Jessica Maria said...

My mom had walked in a couple of weeks ago and then just said me and your father have been thinking about moving. In fact i think it was the day before prom. Of all the things you could say to someone you choose this the day before prom. It has to be hard for you teenager to be leaving all of her friends and such, and starting off in a new school also has to be hard. See, my high school is (or should I say was) a mixed school going from 7th grade through 12th so I for one couldn't say that it would be easy for me to move from a place like that. Even though I have graduated I don't want to. I'm almost tempted to move into the basement apartment my best friend's parent's are vacating across the street. I admire your daughters attitude.

Ps. that Poopie stain on the mirror in my opinion is a bit blasphemy don't you think? anyways good luck on the hussle and bussle of your move. :)