Monday, September 7, 2009


As I was driving around running errands today, I pulled up behind this Nissan Maxima being driven by what looked like a middle-aged guy with a bald spot right in the same area of his head where it would meet a headrest.

I had about 30 seconds to stare at his rear-end (of the car, people!), and noticed something funny. He had one of those personalized license-plate frames that had this acronym on top: F.A.R.T.

OK, I thought, typical guy stuff. They love to talk about farts more than anything. (To be fair, I got somewhat of a cheap thrill out of typing in FART as the title of my blog.) Then my eyes jumped below the plate numbers, and that's where the acronym was explained:

Fathers Against Radical Teenagers.

Now he had me . . . and my sympathy! And it certainly explained the bald spot. I wanted to pull alongside him and compare teenager horror stories, but instead, I groped wildly for my cell phone, that I had tossed into the other seat, so that I could take a picture of these plates and share them with you all on this very post. Then I recalled the whole purpose of my errand that day: I was on my way to the Verizon Wireless store because my phone can't hold a charge and keeps going dead on me.

No phone, no picture. You'll have to imagine the FART plates for yourself. Sorry 'bout that!

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