Thursday, October 1, 2009

Having A Bad Week!

This week isn't turning out to be a very good one for me. So far, I was bitten by a dog. (It was a small dog, but it still hurt.) I got a speeding ticket going 10 miles over the speed limit in a construction zone, which I guess is DOUBLE the fine! (If only I had remembered that question from Driver's Ed!) I lost one of my severely bruised toenails which were injured in a tennis match weeks ago.
And worst of all . .. my teenager turned 16.
Reluctantly, I signed her up for Driver's Training, as that was the first item on her Birthday Wish List. But I am secretly plotting against her start date. The way I figure it, I can hold her off until about December, and since the training is six months long, she will get her license in June sometime. July, if I can push it.
By then, hopefully, she will be A LOT more mature and I won't cringe when I hand over the car keys to her.


Jouda Mann said...

Calm down, drive with her for the next few months, hold your tongue from that acid-tinged tone when she doesn't do something EXACTLY like you would have done it (as long as she's within the law). And remember, nail her left foot to the floorboard. The RIGHT foot works the brake too.
Her reflexes are most likely faster than yours, and that's great. This is offset, however, by your experience in anticipating situations about to arise (like that jackass that you can see is about to change lanes without using a turn signal).
The vast majority of teens get through driving training just fine, and so do parents. I'm sure there is no reason to think that you will be any different.

Lynn said...


I just saw this response after I publised my most recent post, "Gotta Love That Initiative!" I know I need to relax and let my teenager develop naturally into a license-carrying young adult. I have to remember that somehow, I made it through and came of age in one piece. Although, the first day I got my license, I ran a motorcyclist off the road. I didn't know he had the same rights as a driver in a car, believe it or not. I thought he was supposed to be in the bike lane. See? I'm precisely the kind of driver that the DMV should never have allowed to pass their tests!

Jouda Mann said...

Just remember, YOU said it.