Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Yes, I am still alive.  And my daughters are very well, thank you.  I know it's been a very long time -- years, really -- since my last post.  But I have a good explanation:  My oldest daughter asked me to stop writing about her.  Above all else, I respect my daughter's right to privacy.

She understands that her mom is a writer, and that writers write about their lives, but she didn't like me posting pictures about her or telling total strangers the little everyday details about her life. It was getting to the point where she stopped telling me things about herself that I should know, as her mother, because she was afraid that I was going to blog about it.

So I stopped blogging about her. Cold turkey.  My relationship with my daughter trumps any obligation that a blogger feels toward readers. A bizarre relationship by any definition, isn't it?

To catch you up, my oldest daughter is now in college, and my youngest daughter has hatched into teenhood.  So I am reliving these teen years all over again.  It's equally fun and frustrating.  Maddening is a better word.  As is the case with most siblings, my two daughters are polar opposites, and the youngest one doesn't mind if I blog about her.

So I probably will, from time to time.  When the mood strikes.  Or when I find the time. 

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