Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech

Communication between me and my oldest teenager, for whom I originally started this blog, is sporadic, at best.  See, she's away at college, and checking in with mom is not a high priority next to cramming for tests, working, an internship and of course, a boyfriend.

Every now and then, like today, we make a strong connection inadvertently through a Facebook post.  She posted this video on my wall, and while it was a long one -- about 15 minutes -- it was worth every second to wacth it. 

All I can say, Honey, is that THIS is what I hope for you someday: To find a man who is as devoted to you and who adores you as much as Tom Fletcher does his new bride.

No rush, though.  Get your degree and settle into your career first, right?

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