Monday, November 24, 2008

Party Hearty Or Hardly Party?

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Weekends . . . I used to love them. They offered a respite from all the chaos of a week at work and at school, giving my daughters and I a chance to wind down and have some fun. Sunning on the beach. A picnic at the park. Seeing the latest and greatest movie together. Well, I’m beginning to DREAD the weekends now, thanks to my teen, the alien, who doesn’t like spending too much time on my planet anymore.

All she ever wants to do, ALL weekend long, is go out with her friends. Her so-called plans start with meeting everyone at the mall on Friday night and end with a day at the beach on Sunday. She’s only 15, and yet she has the social calendar of Paris Hilton.

I have so few years left with her that it makes me angry, hurt and mostly, sad, that she’d rather spend time with her friends. Doesn’t she realize that she has her whole life to socialize with people other than her family, and less than 36 months to spend with us . . with ME?

Thirty-six months and counting . . . oh, God, I want to cry!

So what I dread is that every weekend, inevitably, we will argue about where she is going, how long she will be gone and who she is going with. I contend that she is too young to ASSUME that she is going to go out on both Friday and Saturday night. She argues that she just wants to enjoy her teenaged years, as in her mind, they are fleeting, too.

I don’t think she has the right go out every weekend. She’s only 15! How about other moms out there? How often do you let your aliens -- er, teens -- go out with their friends? And please don't tell me, "All the time!" Remember, I have only 36 months and counting . . .

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Palymama said...

This drives me crazy too! And,even when she IS home she's online talking to the friends she's not with. Not giving me her full attention. We can't even watch a movie together without that distraction. she's been invited to spend Christmas (CHRISTMAS!!) with a friend skiing. Even if we let her go for a few days, still...that is precious time, without stress, without school. frustrating

Lynn said...

What it is is RUDE! We have to remember that we are still their boss, the head of the household, and they only get the privileges that we allow them to have. Trust me. I am having major problems with my teen and wanting to be with her friends all the time. Friends I don't even know. I have decided that I am going to have to get tough with her because if I don't lay down the law now when she's 15, she's going to be even harder to handle at 16. My two cents in your case is to tell your teen that Christmas Day is the day to spend with family, and that she has to stay home with you. Remember who runs the household . . .