Friday, April 3, 2009

First Heartbreak

My teen broke up with her boyfriend this week. Her first boyfriend, her first breakup. He wasn't treating her like the princess that she is. Taking her for granted, just one month into the relationship. It's a familiar tune, isn't it, Ladies? Makes me wonder -- do these feelings of not being appreciated by the ones who are supposed to love us most really start at 15?

She broke the news to me with tears in her eyes. She was trying to be brave through it all, but I could see how much she was hurting. And while my heart aches for her, I am also very proud of her.

She recognized, at such a young age, that if a guy really, REALLY likes you as much as you like him, he is going to bend over backwards to please you -- especially during the "honeymoon phase." If he doesn't, well, then, "he's just not that into you," and there's no sense in wasting any more time -- or text messages! -- trying to please him.

She gets it. Already. At just 15!

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