Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mama's Got A New Toy!

You can have your iPods and your Wii's and your plasma TV's. I've got my NeoCounter. (See it? Scroll up to the left!) I just stumbled on this darling little widget today on someone else's blog and I thought it was the coolest thing! It keeps track of all my visitors from other countries, which is perfect for this blog because I get A LOT of people dropping in from other worlds.

Yes, if you're an advertiser, I really am THAT popular!

OK, OK . . . it's probably a Google search of the word "alien" that brings them here, and as soon as they see that it's just another blog by a mom who is whining about her kids, they move on. Whatever! I don't care HOW you get here, I'm just glad you do, Germany, Jamaica, India, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil -- and that's just in the last five days!

I'm always impressed when I see another country pegged on my sitemeter. And now, thanks to Mama's newsest toy -- the NeoCounter -- you can be impressed, too!

And one of these days, I just know it, one of my international friends will actually be motivated enough to post a response. I'm ready when you are . . .

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