Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biting Is The New Hickey

Vampire And Vampira

I was perusing my SECOND favorite teen blog, "Radical Parenting" by Vanessa Van Petten, who does an incredible job of discussing topics that are close to a teenager's heart, and I came across a post about "biting."

Have you heard about this? (Click here to read Vanessa's blog.)

My own teen says that she hasn't, so it might be a fairly new trend. Apparently, some teens are biting into each other and leaving bite marks as a token of their affection. It's the modern-day hickey. Personally, I'd rather be gently sucked on than bitten. But hey, I'm just an old, out-of-touch parent. What do I know?

Vanessa doesn't talk about how or why this trend started. But I have my theories. One word: "Twilight." The vampire obsession launched by Stephanie Meyer's book series is literally "taking hold."

I'm hoping this is one trend that the public won't sink its teeth into (pardon the very obvious pun). Seems silly. If my teen came home with bite marks anywhere on her body, I would be more than a little concerned about who she is hanging out with.
Biting, to me, is an act of aggression and violence. Toddlers do it when they're angry or they want another kid's toy; dogs do it to protect their owners or private property; women are taught to do it in self-defense class. When you're bitten, usually you have to go to the ER for a tetanus shot. I have never in my life associated getting bitten with love.

I don't get it!

Would anyone care to explain?

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Palymama said...

I think you and Maria do a wonderful job with this blog! I wanted to acknowledge this and also your support of my blog, Tangerinetimes. So, I'm awarding you with the "Splash Award" for insightful, inspiring blogs! I look forward to seeing YOUR list of blogs to read. And thanks for the support-

Lynn said...


Thank you for the kind words and for bestowing us with the "Splash Award." What is that? Where can I read more about it?

Lynn said...

Oh, by the way . . .

I think your blog, Tangerinetimes, is terrific, too. I like all the upgrades you made on it. GREAT resources for teens and parents!

Musings of a Housewife said...

That's nasty. I think I'm going to lock my girls up in our house until they're 25.

monica said...

This is a real problem for some of us. My daughter is 13. She was suspended yesterday for the second time this month for biting her "friend". Not enemies, friends. This biting thing does exist, the question is, what do we as parents do to stop it?

Unknown said...

my fourteen year old daughter has been coming home with bitemarks on her arms and neck. At first I was worried, but she claims that it is like playing red hands with friends and at times it is done more affectionately with her boyfriend. I think it is strange, esspecially when the marks are severe enough to bruise and sometimes bring blood. But she says it's normal and, like with music and hairstyles, the ways of interacting change over time. And it has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight because my daughter and the majority of her friends can't even stand the books and movies that seem too ridiculous and overrated. It's just something that teens will do, and it isn't serious.